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I'm a single mother of four and have lived in our home in Larkspur, CA since 1998. If I'm not working, I'm hanging out with my children, at healing workshops or events, walking our dog Indigo (often on the beach) or hiking somewhere on beautiful Mount Tam. I've always had a knack for organizing, decorating, and getting the job done, hence why I became a professional organizer. 

I know what it's like to be overwhelmed by your surroundings. It can makes all the difference to have someone there who can clear up the clutter that overwhelms us everyday of our lives. Let me organize your kitchen that hasn't been dealt with in years, declutter any single area of your home (how's your master closet looking? your garage?), revamp your office space, repair or help get repairs done in your home, get you ready for a stager prior to your move, organize & manage your move in or out of Marin County, organize you when moving in to your new home (anywhere), or best of all... organize your current home from top to bottom (that's my personal favorite)!!!  

I also, specialize and truly enjoy working with seniors, who often need a lot of compassion, a slower pace and a bit of motivation when trying to let go of many years of the accumulation of physical items that they many no longer want taking up valuable space in their home, don't want to leave it for relatives to "deal" with after they pass on, can't take it with them when downsizing and/or trying to reclaim order after a loss of a partner. These are some of my most treasured clients! :)

I grew up in Oshkosh, WI, graduated with a Bachelor's of Business Administration - Marketing from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, spent time in the corporate world, home schooled my children for 6 years and have since devoted my time and effort to motherhood, managing the household and since 2010... running my professional organizing business. 

I would love to improve your family's living space as well as emotional space!!

Sometimes we all just need a little help/motivation... with no judgments and lots of compassion!

Look around my website and if you have any comments or questions, and especially if you are interested in my organizational skills, please contact me. Texting is the quickest way to get my attention! Email responses may take up to a few days for me to respond. When I am busy working I am very focused on the task at hand, however, I will get back to you. I hope to see you soon! 

Why me?

You are at my site for a reason. Probably realizing that you are never going to get your home organized yourself like you thought you would do for the past few months or more often... years. When we don't like to do something we find all the reasons not to do it today, tomorrow or ever. Be compassionate with yourself! This is when we hire someone who can do it with us... a motivator! When we have clutter in our external lives it is often mirroring what is occurring internally in our personal lives. I magically shift that stuck energy in your home creating not only physical space but the much need emotional space for the "new" to enter. Not just space for new "things" but new feelings, emotions, ideas, realationships, activities, adventures. etc. We need available "space" to be creative within our own lives! Allow me help you to do that using my natural organizational & healing skills along with my life long experience! I'm sure you will be thrilled with how your home feels to you and your family after I do what I do... Auto-Magically! 

Why Me?

Because I love what I do!   

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