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HI! I am excited to continue to work with my current clients and of course always welcome working with new clients! So everything runs smoothly and expectations are set appropriately please read this RATE & POLICY page PRIOR to us working together (and reoccurring clients, please refer back to it occasionally as rates & policies may change over time). If you have any questions or concerns with these policies, please discuss them with me directly. I know the following may sound serious, however, I love what I do and prefer to get this policy stuff out of the way so I can arrive at your home with my full enthusiasm to immediately begin your project! :)


(NOTE: Rates subject to change without notice, though I do try to give notice!)

- 4 hour minimum per day, either am or pm.

- I typically schedule out 5-15 business days since scheduling out further can result in clients needing to reschedule. I may have openings due to schedule changes, so please don't hesitate to contact me for an earlier date you may desire.- My hours are Monday-Friday 8am - 6pm. Rate is double time for evenings after 6:00 pm or weekends (which are not often available since I like spending time with my family!) :)

- Moves/projects where I am staying overnight is double time including expenses (mileage & gas if driving my vehicle, flight, parking, hotel if necessary, etc).

- If/when I personally bring on assistant organizers or laborers (whom are sub-contractors) for a project I will discuss with my client the additional hourly rate. I may choose to pay them directly and include "additional labor" as a line item on the invoice or have my client pay them directly. If additional help is needed/requested I am usually more than happy to have the assistance of others you are familiar with such as housekeepers, gardeners, handymen, friends, family members, etc.

- Most of my clients are referrals so I don't meet with them prior to starting the organization of their home. However, if you prefer to meet me first we can schedule a 30 min introduction at no charge. I consider any additional time the start of your organization project and charge my hourly rate.

- I bill for ALL client contact at my hourly rate... organization, errands, hauling, research, phone calls, emails, texting, setting up Pinterest boards, lengthy billing/receipt organization, drive time greater than 15 min (+ gas), tolls, parking fees, parking tickets, etc. with the exception of quick contact for scheduling purposes. Even though it doesn't happen often... parking tickets are noted due to issues with parking particularly in San Francisco in metered spaces when trying to keep the project going. Always best if you can have a free parking space available for me or unmetered street parking so I can stay on task!


Available for those who prefer to "do it themselves" but need a few hours of inspiration!

Depending on the type of organization or design desired, this option includes...

- 5 hour minimum

- A home visit/tour with me asking a lot of questions!

- Possible measurements (depending on the project)

- Research

- Possible casual plan/layout, Pinterest board and/or email with creative thoughts, ideas, suggestions, etc.

- This option is priced as it is since I download my professional knowledge directly to you! You get the idea! :)


- You are welcome to pay for my services using cash or check. If you prefer to pay via Venmo (JulieKubasta or 415-819-9391)) for YOUR convenience, you must choose "Friend" to avoid any service fee taken from me. I am NOT responsible for any payment services fees and will charge you reimbursement for it if that occurs.

     Check: Written out to "Julie Kubasta" and my address is on my invoices for checks that are mailed. Or use "@JulieKubasta", or "415-819-9391"

- I may request a 50% retainer/prepayment at scheduling or anytime prior to the start of project if the estimated hours are expected to exceed 16 hours. This can be done with Venmo or personal check to be received prior to 48 business hours before start of project.

- I invoice frequently reoccurring clients on an end of project, monthly, weekly or on request basis via email depending on the agreement.

- New or less frequent clients I may request a retainer anytime prior to the start of the project or payment at the end of the day or end of the week with an invoice/receipt emailed to the client. We can discuss payment method prior to start of project.

- I make client purchases & returns on my business credit card and submit those as reimbursable expenses on the invoice. This seems to be most efficient for everyone. Receipts are photographed or scanned and added as an attachment in the email containing the invoice. I charge for this service on an hourly basis when beyond just a few receipts since it is financial management/bookkeeping for my client. It is critical that reimbursable expenses are managed accurately for both parties and it can be quite time consuming when working with a large number of receipts.

- Please add 5% late fee to payments received after 14 days of date of invoice and 15% late fee for payments received after 28 days


Due to clients frequently changing schedules due to life issues, I have had to implement a cancellation policy. Please understand that this is how I make my living and late cancellations effect my income. I do my best to find other clients to fill cancelled date but that is often not possible since most clients need time to schedule and/or prepare for me to be at their home.

NOTE: Please discuss cancellation policy directly with me regarding projects scheduled for 3 or more days in one week and/or with major projects or moves where dates are cancelled or shifted. I try to be as flexible as I can however significant lead time is definitely needed when this occurs. Minimum of 7 business days notice prior to start of project to avoid cancellation/rescheduling fee of 50% payment of scheduled hours with a maximum fee of $1500.

For projects scheduled for 2 days or less in one week...

- Cancellation/rescheduling prior to 7 business days before scheduled start time has no financial impact on the client.

- If cancellation is between 7 business days and 36 business hours before scheduled start time, client may reschedule with no cost or pay 50% cancellation fee for scheduled hours.

- If cancellation/rescheduling is within 24-36 business hours of scheduled start time, client is responsible for 50% payment of scheduled hours.

- If client makes a schedule adjustment within 24 business hours that is less time than originally scheduled, client is responsible for payment of the full amount of hours originally scheduled. Note: I can usually do client clean up/errands/research with that time so it is not a complete lost to the client.

- I welcome clients to extend my hours of service, at the time of service, if my schedule permits. Keep in mind that organizing almost always takes longer than the client expects and I am very aware of not leaving a mess for a client at the end of the day (unless of course they want to continue to work on sorting & clean up after I leave for the day).


- Please note that when working with non-assistant organizing sub-contractors (ie painters, handymen, cleaning crews, day laborers, movers, etc.), I am NOT responsible for personal payment to them, for the quality of their work or any damages/losses.

- I am not responsible for any damages or losses, by me or any assistant, that occurs while working for a client. I do not carry insurance for your items, however, your homeowners insurance most likely will cover any losses. I am often handling some, if not all, of my clients personal items in their home at some point, so opportunity does exist. Over the many years, I have yet to have any occurrence of any even slightly significant damage or loss, however, there may be a first time!

- When organizing in general and/or managing a move, I do not insure your personal items, so please check your homeowners insurance carrier/policy for coverage details and/or purchase insurance for your belongs through your professional moving company (often required by moving companies so often included in your quote from them).

Let's get YOUR home organized!

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